The Perfect Candidate

Change is the only constant in today’s world. I personally feel that willingness and ability to learn new things are underrated skills these days.

The one advice I always give my clients is to take a chance on their candidates, because someone once took a chance on us (…and I am sure they took the right decision ????).

By that, I don’t mean hire someone without the basic skills and competencies. What I do mean is don’t be too picky on looking for the “perfect” profile. Work needs to be completed, delays in hiring adds pressure on existing teams and stresses the manager out; ultimately resulting in a ripple effect of built up work and lowered morale. 

Someone may not be as experienced as you’d like them to be, but their hunger to learn and grow might result in a learning curve that leaves you surprised. Let’s not forget, we’ve all been beginners at some point.

Look at their overall personality and ask yourself:

  • Are they hands on?
  • Can they be trusted with confidential data? 
  • How do they take constructive criticism – are they always defensive or willing to learn?
  • How do they work under pressure? 
  • Work from home / flextime is our new reality – can you trust their ability to dedicate quality work hours when working from home? 
  • Do they talk more than they deliver?

You can always learn microsoft excel, technical jargons, how different industries work etc; but there is no training on being a dedicated, hardworking, and a trustworthy asset. 

Here’s where I’ll use a quantifiable term in a qualitative post – sometimes, the opportunity cost of waiting for someone who ticks all boxes is letting go of someone who could’ve been just that, or even better, with their attitude and your leadership.

Trust your ability to teach new hires; and trust them to bring their best selves to work.


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