Advantages of applying with a boutique recruitment firm

The backbone of every flourishing company is the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes. This simple fact makes hiring the right people a crucial step in creating and maintaining an excellent standard for the company. While many companies have their internal hiring systems in place, the question remains; wouldn’t it be better to have a third party that is free of bias towards the company to help with this critical process? This is where a boutique recruitment agency comes into play.

 While these agencies might not be significantly large, they offer a specialised approach to recruitment as they often concentrate their searches on specific industries or niche sectors. Here are a few reasons why you should consider working with them. 

  • Since the headcount tends to be smaller in these agencies, a consistent and healthy culture exists. Employees tend to be happier and well-adjusted to conduct searches without corporate stress.
  • A boutique agency has a well-rounded understanding of the industry and its requirements as it specialises in that field, translating into the candidates they find.
  • Their key focus is quality over quantity. Researching thoroughly about client mandates and matching them with the right people as opposed to larger firms that might miss out on good candidates due to time crunch.
  • With larger companies, the corporate branches in the hiring process are long and tedious, so the client might have to contact multiple personnel for different requirements, which can affect client communication. With a boutique agency, your point of contact is usually a single person who better understands the field and its conditions.
  • A specialised recruitment firm with recruiters who have worked previously in that technical field means more contacts leading to greater success in matching you with the candidate of your dreams.

 Ultimately, sleeping on a boutique agency simply due to its lack of size and people should be avoided, as these firms can elevate your company with the right kind of specialised people.

 At Hasa Consulting, we provide all of this and more. Our team of happy recruiters constantly learn and understand the industry to find candidates that fit your needs. This deep understanding helps us hire the best and position ourselves to be the best. 


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